I live in Paradise on Earth – Cyprus

I live in Paradise, also known as Cyprus – And I have been doing so, for roughly 7 months. Life here is amazing. Cyprus have the oldest Christian monastery on the planet, with awesome monks, willing to share 2.000 years of wisdoms, to anyone willing to listen with an open heart. Lazarus is buried here, and Aphrodite was born here. Stray cats are treated like Angels here, and prejudice is virtually non-existent here. Living in Cyprus, is possibly the closest thing a tired old software developer can come to Paradise, while still being alive. I love you Cyprus ❤

Cyprus also have a very comfortable state, and government, granting immigrants 17 years of tax exempt, on profit from their companies. Registering a company here, is also very easy, for a system developer, working as a consultant off-site. In addition, their level of prejudice is extremely low, something easily understood, realising Arne Treholt lives here, and is in fact treated like the national treasure, he should have been treated as by the Norwegian government, who instead incarcerated him, over false espionage charges, and put him to prison, for almost two decades, for crimes committed by others. It’s summer here, 9 months of the year. Something I celebrated today, by taking my first swim in the ocean this year. Hint; It’s March in Norway! In Cyprus it’s “June”. I love you Cyprus ❤

If you want me to help you share my love for Cyprus with you, I can help you get in contact with an amazing accountant, and an amazing lawyer, who will help you out with all the details you need, in order to establish a software consulting company, here in Cyprus. I can also set you up with an apartment, and get you in contact with a real estate agent. My real estate agent, used to work for Donald Trump. Say no more … 😉

True love after all, is sharing that which you love – And I truly love you Cyprus ❤

Below you can find some images of my life in Paradise … ❤


My “office”, 30 meters away from where Lazarus is buried

On my way home from Chris’ shop, the best merchant in town, with my “car” full of amazing groceries, fresh fruit, and a couple of jokes from Chris himself

Two stray cats enjoying life as beach bums

Rehearsing Madrugada’s “Majesty” on my home studio

How could you possibly celebrate new year’s eve, without a water pipe, in a nice restaurant …? 🙂

Another one of my “offices” 🙂

If you want me to help you establish a software consulting company down here, feel free to contact me, using the form below.

Cyprus, you are …


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