Cyprus is bomba!!

Believe it or not, but I live in a country where the word “bomba” means “very good”, roughly translated 😀

Sometimes, I celebrate that fact, by wearing my t-shirt, with a picture of a bomb, and the text beneath saying “sex bomb”. My girlfriend, and queen, bought that shirt for me in Greece.

Cyprus is a beautiful country in many other ways too. Besides from spectacular scenery, 9 months of summer, fantastic people, it is also a country where the word for “yes” is “ne”. Hence, arguably, Cypriots are “yes people” – Which I find personally satisfactory. They are always looking for ways to help, their hospitality is epic, and they seem to love visits from people with other cultures than themselves.

Therefor, I try to say the word “bomba”, at least once, every day. Behind me and my girlfriend, is the Mosque where Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother is buried. According to Islam, Paradise can be found beneath the feet of our mothers. Arguably, there is no place on Earth, closer to paradise, than Cyprus. I love Cyprus ❤

If you are a system developer, and want to establish yourself in Cyprus, working off-site as a consultant, and you’re a nice person, and deserves a piece of Paradise – Feel free to toss me an email, using the form below, and I can set you in contact with my favourite accountant, and favourite a lawyer, who can help you to move to Cyprus. Hint; Cyprus have some of the most liberal taxation laws on the planet … 😉


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