Life in Cyprus

Outside the Mosque where Prophet Muhammed’s mother is buried.

Yesterday we went to the birth place of Aphrodite. The story of Aphrodite is a beautiful story of war amongst the Gods, and how Zeus and his brothers, conquered their father, and cut off his penis, which again gave birth to Aphrodite. Aphrodite’s rock is a beautiful place on Cyprus, close to Pathos, where you can literally feel the Gods’ presence, through the nature and history of Greek mythology.

Life in Cyprus has been good to me, for roughly 8 months now, and I must confess I am in no hurry to go back to Norway. The people here are generous, and kind, and always interested in talking to you. Often they will go literally out of their way, to provide that extra inch of hospitality, such as the woman who yesterday gave me another recipe for Stiffado. She was serving my Pita Gyros, and we sat down at her restaurant for an hour, while Lisbeth told her I was a decent Stiffado cook.

I have rarely been to a place on Earth in my life, where people are so generous, full of hospitality, and humble when listening to my own stories.

Below is Are, a friend of me, playing around with a “rock Penis”, trying to re-enact Kronos. For the record; I didn’t decapitate his family jewellery, although I was tempted for a while 😀


Below you can find “yours truly” having a cigarette, outside one of the most holy Mosques in Islam, the burial site of Prophet Muhammed’s mother, discussing management theory with one of the local experts 😀

Maybe I’ll tell you the story of how Zeus and his brothers conquered Kronos, and gave birth to love in the process one of these days. But for now, I’ve gotta dash outside, and experience more of this beautiful country, before Are and his girlfriend are leaving us tomorrow, to go back to Norway. I somehow suspect they’re not looking forward to it … 🙂


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