Born to be wild

Yours truly outside the Mosque where Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother is buried.

Some people simply manage to squeeze more out of life than others. I am one of those. I have watched the sunset at Venice Beach, playing my guitar with hundreds of hippies, sleeping on the beach with my dog. I have discussed philosophy with the homeless in Santa Monica Boulevard under the full moon at 3AM. I have hiked and lived out in the forests of Northern California for months. I have jammed on the streets of South Central LA with Smokey Robinsons’s cousin at night. I have crawled through the Great Pyramid of Giza, and been in the inner most holy places of the temples in Karnak. I have spent months consecutively in a camping car, throughout most of Europe, camping where ever I could find a big enough parking lot. I have lived on my Harley Davidson for months in Los Angeles, partying in Hollywood, sleeping on the beaches of LA. I have meditated for hours on the beaches in Brazil. I have seen the bones of Lazarus. I have been inside the oldest monastery on the planet, a place so holy, no women have set foot there for a 1000 years.

I was born and grew up where the sun don’t set for months during the summer; North Norway – Some people simply cannot be tamed. I am one of those.

I have friends in weird places, places most people don’t even know exists. I have partied with billionaires, and the homeless man. I have watched events, so small and large, most people would deny their existence, even if you shoved them into their eyes. I love my life!

Some people are truly blessed, I am one of those!

Sorry for not being sorry for being greater than life!


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