Drumming in Santa Rosa

My drum kit looked something like this!

When I stayed in Santa Rosa, I was the regular drummer in a band of ex-hippies. I was the youngest of the group, the rest of my crew was almost exclusively ex-hippies from the Haight-Ashbury era! We used to practice a couple of times a week, and after a year, we started becoming really freakin’ decent!

Every 5 years, it seems I need to learn a new music instrument. These days I’ve started practicing playing saxophone. From before I’ve played guitar since I was 14, singing, drums, some piano, bass, and tons of other types of percussion instruments, such as Djembe. The gift of playing in a band, with a bunch of other guys, cannot be exaggerated. Playing music, is a gift in itself! The guy who owned the place where we used to practice, had music instruments for at least a 100K (dollars) – And we could anything we dreamed of in that room! Man do I miss my band! Here’s to your bass line Brian!! 😉


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