Homeless with a Harley

After a couple of months of beep-boop’in around in California, the land of the free – I got paid for a software project I had sold the year before. 12.500 dollars is a shit-load of money, when you’re used to living from hand to mouth. So what does a man do then? Wastes most of it on a Harley Davidson of course 😀

A Harley Davidson with saddle bags. I needed the saddle bags for my dog you see, a black Schipperke, which was my loyal companion. Her “seat” was the right saddle bag, my sleeping bag was in the left saddle bag, and such we roamed around Los Angeles for a couple of months! The stars being our roof!


If you haven’t driven a Harley in LA, you haven’t lived. Imagine entering a red light, and you see from a mile away that the lights are about to turn red, on a 10 lane freeway. Your clutch goes in, throttle goes up, and you make *NOIIIIIIIIIIISE*! The cars in front of you would hear you from the other side of the Earth if necessary. Especially mine, since it had one of those “Screaming Eagle” things! When a car in front of you hears a Harley, and you pull in between two lanes – The cars in front of you, will spread their legs, literally like a woman, to let you pass in between! Man what a rush! 100 cars, spreading out, like the legs of the most beautiful woman on the planet – To give room for the “greater man!”

This makes room for you to pass in between, drive into the sweet spot, in front of all the cars, slightly onto the zebra crossing, such that all cars can clearly see you. Then you stay there for a couple of minutes, cuddles with your dog in your saddle bag, at which point the cars behind you starts opening their windows and tells you.

Dude, you’re so freakin’ cool!

Then when the light goes green, your exhaustion piping is slightly filled with some gasoline, and as you release the clutch, twist your right hand till there’s no more slack – Fireworks and explosions from your exhaustion system, will make sure everybody understand that you are about to cross the road man …!!

Of course, you’re a mile ahead of all traffic before anybody else’s cars even gets to the other side of the road!

Believe me when I say this, there are two types of motorcycles, Harleys and “the rest”! Unless you’ve driven a Harley Davidson, in the City of Angels, with a scarf, snakeskin boots, tight jeans, half helmet and a couple of yellow sunglasses – You have not lived!


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