On the road

I used to live in California for 3 years, the first 2,5 years I was mostly working on two startups. However, my last 6 months was by far the coolest! The last 6 months, I had no work left, and decided I just as well might finish off with getting “On the road” – Jack Kerouac style!

I brought my guitar, my dog, and literally a handful of dollars, and started hitchhiking through the larger parts of California. For 6 months, I walked the direction my feet were facing. I slept outside in the national parks of Northern California. I slept on Venice Beach. I played my guitar on the streets of Santa Rosa, to buy burgers for a homeless guy I spent some hours with. I brought a poor schizophrenic homeless to a shelter, and made him take a shower. For 6 months, I saw a part of society, that most people cannot even imagine exists. My income was my guitar, the stars were my blanket, and my loyal dog was my companion.

About half way through my experience, I got some dollars. Roughly. 12.500 to be accurate, so I bought myself a Harley Davidson. I guess technically, I was a homeless, with a Harley you might argue 😀

Some of the things you will read here, are about these experiences, people I met, and things I did! Man did I experience life!


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