The gay prostitutes at Santa Monica Boulevard

My laundry as a “homeless” in LA

I met a couple of gay prostitutes on Santa Monica Boulevard on my travels. Being relatively secure on my own sexuality, I had no problems chilling with these guys for a day, so I did. Fascinating stories these two guys told me though. One of them was only 19 years old, but his friend was 23, and kind of looked after the younger one.

They stood by the pavement of Santa Monica Boulevard, and pretended to hitchhike. This was how they picked up customers. If one of them got a customer, the other guy would always write down the license plate of the car that picked him up. This was for security reasons, since this type of profession is extremely dangerous, and carries a lot of risk. This way they always looked after each other, and shared most of their income between each other.

I asked them lots of questions, being curious about their lives and such. Most shocking though, was that they’d make much less than what you’d expect out of this type of work though. They could basically pay for a tiny flat, which they shared. Besides from that, they spent most of their money on stuff most people take for granted. Food, cheap clothes, and the stuff arguably necessary for basic survival. Not much “glamour” in that life. But they claimed they were happy, and that they were enjoying their lot in life. They were friendly to me, and highly willing to share their stories, without holding much back.

To see stuff such as this, which is just simply so “off” in regards to what most people experience in their lives, is really quite fascinating to be honest with you. Getting a glimpse of life on the “far side” such as this, is an exercise not for the faint at heart. I spent about 3-4 hours with them, having a really great time, before continuing to my “bed”, which for this night, happened to be the sand dunes of Venice Beach.


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