4 months through Europe

Yours truly, outside the King’s castle in Monaco

A couple of years ago, my GF sold her house, and bought a camping car. We had no place to stay, besides her car – But hey, why worry …?

We took the thing throughout the whole of Norway for a month first, before we drove it further, than any man has driven a camping car ever before! 17 countries in Europe, ending up in Zakynthos in Greece! Before we left, all sort of paranoid people told us we should never free camp. So we made a point out of free camping in every single country we drove through of course … 😉

Freakin’ country side of Albania, if there was room enough for our camping car to park, we’d park it, and sleep like babies, while taking photos and at-replying our most paranoid friends on Facebook! People are afraid of so much weird shit. More people choke on peanuts every year, than die from terrorists. Still people fear the terrorist, and eat peanuts as if it was, hehe – Peanuts!

When we finally made it to Paradise Camping in Zakynthos, the guy who owned the place, had never ever in his 25 years of running the site, ever seen a Norwegian camping car in his whole life! He took pictures of us, not believing his own eyes!

I’ll be posting some pictures from this road trip through Europe in upcoming blogs. However, at the top here, you can see me chillin’ outside of the castle in Monaco, Monte Carlo! Which was actually quite surprisingly inexpensive. Freakin’ loved the trip, except for having to change tires on 3.5 metric tons of iron in Croatia. That sucked! Luckily, we could wash out in the sea after having spent 3 hours trying to lift 3.5 tons, a foot above the ground, to change the freakin’ tires of that thing …!!

When we bought the camper, it had done 60.000 kilometres in 19 years. 4 months later, it ticket in at 80.000. Say no more …

For the record, I was applauded once in San Tropez, for being able to manoeuvre that thing, through the most narrow streets you can imagine. Somebody said something about splitting the hairs of a fly? Been there, done that!! 😉


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