A story of bullying

When I was 8-9 years old, I had a friend of mine, which was a year younger than me. Everybody else would always pick on my friend, and I would step in between every time, to prevent him from being bullied. I even whopped some ass a couple of times. Once I threw my fist into the stomach of one of the bullies, so hard he had to go home from school. He was 3 years older than me. Once I took two boys my own age by their heads, and banged their heads together, such that they both fainted. Bullies only understands one language, and that is violence. My father taught me this lesson, before I even left my diapers.

Later my friend shot himself in his head, to stop the bullying against him. Unfortunately I was not around that time. He was 8 years old. Luckily he survived, but he had to spend three months on crutches, learning how to walk again. Only then did the school take measures, and stopped the bullying of my friend. I was 8-9 years old, and I understood that which grown up teachers never understood. My father taught me that lesson, while I was still wearing diapers! And my mother taught me to never, ever give up. I sometimes wonder what the bullies were taught by their parents …?

That story largely defined my life, and made me into what I am today!

If you are experiencing bullying, please do me a favour. Plant your fist into the faces of those who are bullying you, so hard, they’ll never recover from the consequences of their own actions! That was the lesson my father gave me, and it worked for me … 😉


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