Athens, Greece – The cradle of civilisation!

Athens, and one of its millions or so tourist destinations

A traveller friend of mine once said the following; “Everybody knows how to speak Greek, because most words in most languages in Europe, has an origin in the Greek language.” My friend had been travelling for 2 years, sleeping mostly outside, selling hand-crafted bracelets when he told me. I believed him!

Believe me, you simply have not seen Europe, before you have seen Greece, and especially Athens. You cannot put a shuffle into the ground anywhere in this city, without having some archeologist shouting “Eureka!”

I’ve been through most of Greece, and it’s all stunningly beautiful, but the view from Akropolis, literally allows you to see through the very fabric of time and space!

You haven’t had a cup of coffee, before you’ve chilled in Plaka, with your girlfriend, after having consumed a Pita Gyros. Athens is one of those cities, you simply must visit before you die! Period!

The view from Akropolis, as captured by yours truly

Built by emperor Augustus, to honour Apollo about 2.000 years ago


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