Berlin, the art capitol of Europe

Me and my GF’s boy, chillin’ in Berlin. Don’t think he’s too happy about having his picture taken with his step dad though … 😉

Berlin is easily amongst one of the coolest cities in Europe. I’ve been there many times. A couple of years ago, me and my GF stopped there during our camping trip. We did all the “usual stuff”, such as checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag, the park, etc – But I’ve also been on much more “unconventional travels” in Berlin previously, say no more … 😉

Anyways, Berlin is just simply stunningly beautiful, when the weather is good. Stuffed with history, such as the Reichstag which got burned during the Nazi reign, was pinned on some communist, and ended up resulting in a war that killed 60 million people.

A piece of advice if you go there. Berlin has a “sub-culture” of neo artists, ultra-liberalists, freaks and weirdos. If you go there, try seeing that part of Berlin – Which really is its heart!

My beautiful girl, and her awesome son, trying his best to pretend he’s OK with having his picture taken with his mom, outside of Brandenburger Gate


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