Black Dog – Woof!

9 kilos of raging fur ball!

My Schipperke was the best dog you can imagine! 9 kilos of raging fur-ball was her nick-name!

When you live like me and Cilia did our six months on the road, weird shit happens. After a while, you start realising the dog deserves its freedom, under a couple of conditions though. The most important one of course, being that you can control the dog, to avoid having it run into traffic, or doing some other stupid shit. Hence, becoming a “dog whisperer” is just a natural cause and effect thing. Believe me, I had more control over that dog without a leash, than most others have over theirs with a leash!

The first couple of times the police officers in LA saw me with Cilia, they stopped us, and told me to put a leash on her. Of course, as they rounded the corner, I took it off again. After this had repeated a couple of times, even the police started realising I had more control over that dog without a leash, than most others have over anything else really – So they stopped caring, and turned the other way every time they saw me!

A couple of times I pulled into one of these “dog parks”. Mostly to fill my water bottles, or feed Cilia or something. Believe me, that dog was so freakin’ “socialised”, even referring to visiting a dog park as “socialising” would be an insult to her!

Every time, the same ritual repeated itself. I let Cilia go and do her “dog thing”. After 5 minutes, she’d freakin’ *OWN* the other dogs. Dobermans, Pit Bulls, whatever – She was the freakin’ Queen of the show! Regardless of where she went.

Dog psychology is funny though. After she had “tamed” the other dogs, some of whom were literally 7-8 times her weight, she would be bored, and come lay about a feet away from my knee, where I was sitting beneath a tree, somewhere just chilling. Within 3 minutes after this happened, every single dog in that park, would lay no more than 5 feets away from me, realising Cilia was their “alpha”, and since she recognised me as her “alpha”, I would be automatically recognised as “the leader of the pack”. Every now and then, people would take pictures of me, and whisper stuff like …

Holy shit! Is this magic? What weird stuff is that guy doing to my dog …?

Of course, for anyone with basic understanding of “pack psychology”, what goes on here is easily explain. But why ruin a good story with the whole truth, when half the Truth is so much better …? 😉


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