Cyprus Larnaca, walking in the footsteps of Lazarus and Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother

My spiritual teacher, outside the Mosque where Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother is buried

Larnaca in Cyprus is definitely one of my favourite European cities. In fact to such an extent, I have chosen to live her now for almost a year. The whole of Cyprus is beautiful, and the people are awesome, but Larnaca has that special soul about itself.

It carries the cradle of both Christianity and Islam in many ways. In one of the local churches, you can literally see the bones of the man who lived twice; Saint Lazarus. A couple of miles west of that church, you can find a Mosque built upon the mausoleum of Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother. The sarcophagus with her earthly remains is still inside of this Mosque.

You’re never more than 10 minutes from some nice beaches, where you can swim 9 months of the year. And its people are just simply the most beautiful people you can imagine. In the image above, I am having a conversation with one of my “spiritual teachers”, one of the thousands of wild cats, that are treated almost like holy animals down here! I freakin’ love Cyprus!

If you’re looking for real people, a vivid culture, amazing food, and exotic locations. My number one destination suggestion for you is Cyprus, Larnaca!

Yours truly outside the Mosque where Prophet Muhammed’s foster mother is buried.


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