Don’t let the sun go down

Yours truly making dinner for his beautiful girl inside of “Bodil”

We named our camping car “Bodil”, which is kind of funny for a Norwegian, believe me. As we spent a month through most of Norway, and especially the Northern parts, which are the best parts – We ended up with my family for a week, before we left for Lofoten. Lofoten is just simply one of those breath taking stunningly amazing places on this Earth, where God really gave it his best!

Believe me North Norway, and especially Lofoten, with its spectacular nature, is simply one of those things you have to see before you die! For a couple of months during summer, the sun literally never goes down! It’s sunlight 24 hours every day, for 2-3 months, depending upon how far north you go.

Below are some pictures from this road trip.

The view from “Bodil” our first night in Lofoten. This photo was taken 1AM in the morning!

My girl pounding the meaning of life in Sør-Skjomen. Also a “must see” place.

The next photo is literally holy ground for me, since this was the place I was born. This little “town” had about 20 citizens, and no access besides the train. When my mom was pregnant with me, they actually had an emergency train ready on standby, in case she’d start giving birth, such that they could rush me to the hospital in Narvik.

A picture of Katterat train station, taken from the train, on our way to Kiruna, Sweden

Some simply amazing mountains in Lofoten, photo by Yours Truly

A funny story about Sør-Skjomen was when we parked Bodil for the night, and did some BBQ’ing. We had parked about 200 meters away from the sea, realising it was going to become high-tide later that night, but figured we’d be safe having parked such a distance from the sea. About 2AM in the morning, my girl woke up with this “weird sensation”, and had to go out and check. Guess what, we were about to literally having an unexpected car wash … 😉

She woke me up in panic, and we had to immediately move Bodil, literally dive for our BBQ’er and chairs, before we could go back to sleep again …

Bodil about to get an involuntary “wash”. You can see our BBQ’er, table and chairs in the middle of the ocean in there somewhere …


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