Fishing in Brazil

Every morning I woke up in Brazil, I’d used to start out my day with a 10 kilometres walk along the beach. Every now and then, there would be a bunch of fishermen, dragging up their nets. I’d help them pull up the fish, which made them admire me. They’re so used to “white people believing they’re better”, not willing “to do an honest piece of labour”, so this would give me a lot of credibility amongst the locals.

About a mile out into the sea, there’s a beautiful coral reef, which we visited once to dive. The picture below, is of me an my girl, feeding the fish. We’d have this bottle, with fish food inside of, which we’d just squeeze under water, and fish would pour in, and eat literally from our hands.

Too many people believe they’re “special”, and that they’re “too intelligent” to do real labour. That makes them loose out on life, and miss a lot of opportunities. The reason why I was able to survive all the weird shit I’ve gone through, is because regardless of where I have been, I have always shown people respect. This allowed me to sleep like a baby on Venice Beach, and hang with the boys in South Central LA. It allowed me to safely go through this world, without experiencing much “bad things”.

I guess the conclusion I am left with is as follows; Treat everybody the way you want them to treat you.

If I am special, it is because I treat everybody else as if they are special!


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