Harry’s Bar in Cyprus, Larnaca

Just outside of the Church of Lazarus is a small coffee shop, ran by Thekla. Thekla serves some of the cheapest (and best) coffee in Larnaca, and you can have a Frappe for 1 EURO and 50 cents.

Yesterday it was my birthday, and Lisbeth told Thekla. 10 minutes afterwards, Thekla starts singing Happy Birthday, and comes out with a cake for me. Obviously I was startled, and didn’t expect that 🙂

Harry’s is situated just in front of the Lazarus square, with some nice sofas, where you can sit and always expect the best service, while you enjoy the view to the place where Lazarus, the man who lived twice, was buried the last time he died.

But the best part, is that here you can meet real people, working for a real “mom’n’pop shop”, just wanting to be nice, and deliver great service and food. Thekla makes all the food she serves herself, and all of it is truly jummie!

In most parts of the world we have lost these “mom’n’pop shops”, however in Cyprus, they are still very much alive and vivid, and can be found all over the place!


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