I have seen moments

My friends from Venice Beach!

Believe me when I say this my friend, I have seen moments, so small, you wouldn’t believe they existed, even if I told you. In the split of a second, everything changes, and you are taken by the wind, blown into eternity, in a way that can never be described, without having experienced it yourself.

When I was beep-boopin’ around LA, we used to meet a couple of guys, outside a coffee shop on 3rd street, every night. This coffee shop would allow its guests a refill of coffee, if you brought back the receipt. Most guests during the day, would never ask for a refill, and the receipt would be thrown in the garbage. Every night, we’d be a regular gang meeting each other there, and do turns in dumpster diving for receipts. When we came back, with 10 receipts, shouting “The coffee’s on me tonight”, the rest of the gang would cheer!

Even the guy who did the night shift at this coffee shop, would end up sitting discussing philosophy with “us guys” outside. I think some parts of him was envious for our lives, and choices. We had nothing, still we were the Kings of the World, ate with the richest people on the planet, and filled both our bellies and hearts, with the best this world had to offer! The fullness of life you said …?

Hahahahahahahaha, believe me, you haven’t even seen a single second of “life” my friend …


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