Los Angeles, the freak capitol of the world!

In LA I met this guy from the picture. He was trying to convince me to do a gig with him. I’d be the Antichrist, he’d be the devil, my dog, a 10 kilos Schipperke would be the hell hound, and we’d use this gig to hustle tourists for money, while I was playing guitar, and he’d be dancing. Believe me, it didn’t work 😉

You have no idea of just how weird human behaviour can possibly be, before you’ve lived a couple of months on Venice Beach …

Another guy I met there, was a guy who had been spending half his life on rollerblades, with a guitar amplifier strapped to his back, with batteries and everything, while improvising Jimi Hendrix style! Apparently some 20 years ago, he was assaulted by some police officers, and was set for life due to the money he got from suing the city!

I used to hang with these people for a couple of months, discussing all sort of weird stuff, joining in on the drum circle every weekend, to chase the sun into the sea! Man, LA is freakin’ WEIRD …!!

Another guy, who called himself Moses, who was obviously extremely intelligent, would walk around Venice Beach while reading from the Bible. You could mention any chapter and verse from the Bible, and the guy would recite it immediately, without even thinking about it. He was 21 years old, and had been living on the streets for a couple of years!

Maybe you think you know life, believe me my friend when I say this; You have absolutely no idea about life!! 😉

Life can easily be weirder than what’s even possible to describe dude!!


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