Music, art and talent

Most brilliant system developers throughout the history of computing, has also been artists. Or at the very least, had brilliant taste of music and art! Alan Kay is a brilliant jazz guitar player for instance. For some reasons, “taste” seems to be the defining factor when it comes to engineering. You look at something like the Eiffel Tower, and you realise the guy was just as much an artist as he was an engineer.

Below is one of my favourite bands, playing at one of the most epic locations this world has ever seen. A place where civilisation, abruptly ended, within the flash of an instant, and such gave us a frozen image, of life 70 years after Christ!

Everyone with taste, intuitively understands all great art, and immediately dismiss all crap. Which is why art cannot be explained. It simply eludes explanation.

What is art?

And more importantly.

Who should decide what is art?

Our governments? Some rich guy? The police?

And possibly the most important question of them all …

Who was Pink Floyd performing this concert for …?


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