Spartathlon, and the things people do

The Corinth Canal in Greece. Click the image to see it in fullscreen

When we passed the Corinth Canal in Greece, we simply had to stop. This thing is 2.000 years old, and realising the type of tools they had when they built this thing, makes you truly wonder about what man can do, once he just sets his mind to it!

As we walked out on the bridge, to take photos, we saw some people running. Or to be more accurate, most of them were trying to walk fast, and were obviously  *REALLY, REALLY EXHAUSTED*!

There was a guy standing on the bridge, trying to encourage them, shouting stuff like “come on, you can do it, come on!” We asked him if this was a Marathon, at which point he laughed out loud and said “No, Spartathlon”. A Spartathlon is basically running, non-stop, for 350 kilometres. A Marathon in such a regard, is a freakin’ breeze in comparison, with its 42 kilometres.

I asked the guy “Are they crazy?” – At which point he laughed out loud, and said.

Bat shit crazy, every last fucking one of em! 😉

However, there is a lesson to be learned here, which is as follows; What humans can do, when they simply set their minds to it, never cease to amaze me! And for the record, I prefer bat shit crazy people, any day of the week, before the normal people, who don’t believe they can do shit!

In fact, give me 5 bat shit crazy people, willing to go all in – And I will move the moon for you!! 😉


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