St. Tropez and the French Riviera

A photo of yours truly taken in Nice

Probably among some of the most spectacular nature in this world, can easily be found in the French Riviera. I have been driving literally every single inch of that stretch, multiple times, and believe me, it is definitely worth it! However, it’s *really expensive*!

For me an my girl, that wasn’t a problem, since we had our camping car, and simply parked it where ever we felt for parking it. We also cooked our own food. But going there as a “normal tourist”, will easily blow your budget in days!

Just outside of St. Tropez, walking distance from the city though, there’s a really cheap “steelplatz”. Which means a parking lot for camping cars. They charge 12 EUROs per night, and you can take showers, fill your water tanks, and do everything you can do in a normal camping site. It’s 5 minutes walk away from the mediterranean sea, and the scenery is just simply breath taking.

My suggestion is to bring your car, you don’t need a fully fledged camping car. Sleep in your car, bring some cooking equipment, and do the entire stretch from Marseilles through Monaco and Monte Carlo, into Italy. When you come to Italy, you’re only a day of driving from the Lago de Garda, an inland lake, which is also one of my favourite destinations on this earth! However, don’t stop too long in Marseilles, it’s not a nice place …

But the rest of the Riviera is simply stunningly beautiful! Believe me, it’ll be an experience you will never forget! Below is an image of yours truly taken in Monaco.

Yours truly, outside the King’s castle in Monaco


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