Stoana Kato, the best food in Larnaca

I don’t even know the name of this restaurant to be honest with you, since it features a lot of weird letters (Edit, I got to know its name yesterday). But the sign says “bistro & cafe”, and it is among one of the best food experiences I have had since I came to Cyprus. The chef has worked 25 years for Four Seasons, which is considered one of the best restaurants apparently in Limassol, and he’s just simply one of those Magicians with food!

All the food is just marvelous, but I especially recommend the “Goat Cheese Salat” and the “Lamb chops”. The Goat cheese salat, is the weirdest and jummiest salat you can imagine. It has figs, partially grilled veggies, a couple of different lettuces, goat cheese at the top. In addition to the chef’s secret sauce, which I’ve been trying to make him tell me what is, ever since I started eating there, without success! 😉

They have cozy background music, not too noisy, some partial “cross over techno/jazz” thingie running in the background, and the atmosphere is just magic. Me and Lisbeth told one of the waiters about our Banana Frappe once, and now he serves it to us, every time we go there! Totally recommended!

Beneath you can see my birthday sirloin steak, and Lisbeth’s goat cheese salat!

Sorry, we couldn’t even wait with a taste, before we took the picture. It’s partially eaten from …

Jummie, I had to take a bite before we took the photo. This is not the lamb chops btw, but the sirloin steak!


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