The story of Happy

Happy in our coach

I always seems to end up in situations where I need to save people or animals for some reasons. A couple of weeks ago, a small kitten was screaming for his life outside of our apartment, where me and my GF lives in Cyprus. After a couple of hours, my GF realised something was very wrong, so she went down to look for the kitten. The kitten had obviously been abandoned by his mother for some reasons. Probably the mother got killed in traffic or something.

The poor kitten was about to starve to death, so my girl bought some cat food from the local grocery store, and started feeding it. After having repeated this for a couple of days, the kitten started to trust us. So at some point we just grabbed it, and took it with us upstairs to our apartment, to keep it safe from traffic, and feed it.

In our city, there’s this man who has a park, where he keeps a lot of cats, feeds them every day, and even brings them to the vet when they get sick. So I asked this man, if he had room for another cat. He told me he’d love to take our cat, but asked us to please feed it, until it was at least half way grown up. So now Happy, which is his name, is temporarily living in our apartment, such that he can safely grow up, before we reintroduced him into his native environment, which is the outsides of Cyprus!

Where Happy got his name

I knew a Mexican once. He was a gangbanger from California. Once a bunch of gangbangers from a competing gang came to his house to kill him. He struggled with them, until he was wrestled down on the ground. The guy laying on top of him, pulled up his gun, and was going to shoot Happy in the head, at point blank range.

Luckily at that exact time, Happy was able to wave the gun away, such that the bullet only barely struck his head. In his forehead, Happy had a bullet wound, from a bullet that just barely went by him, creating only a small flesh wound. Had the bullet hit him an inch closer to his head, Happy would have been dead today. Later, Happy got himself a tattoo, with two roses, symbolising “Two Chances”.

I guess some people have two lives, and some kittens really have 9 lives.


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