The story of ICU

The door to the beach in my GF’s apartment in Brazil

My GF has a small flat in Brazil. One of the caretakers who works there became our personal friend, and invited us for dinner. That was how I met his mother. His mother was deaf, mute and could not read or write. Once she tried to tell me a story, which sounds weird, but often her family was able to “translate” her gestures into words. However, this time, not even her son could understand some of her gestures, and the story got lost.

I decided to solve her communication problem, using my programming skills. I started working on an alternative communication program, which was based on pictures instead of words. A couple of months later, as I closed in on the finishing line, I contacted a friend of me, which I knew had a lot of pictograms and symbols. I wanted to ask him if I could have access to his picture database.

My friend offered me a job to create ICU into a professional product, and now some time later, it’s a fully fledged alternative communication tool for the deaf, mute, illiterate, etc.

I have experienced many times how doing the right thing, also somehow helps myself in one way or another. I gave my caretaker friend my old laptop, and the next time I am in Brazil, I will install ICU unto his computer. That way, his mother who lives with her son, can talk, for the first time in her life. Normally, I don’t like bragging about myself when I do the “right things”. However, by telling you this story, hopefully others might realise the same – Which is that doing good acts, somehow magically pays in the long run. Below you can have a look at ICU if you wish.

Gratulere ditt svin. Da har jeg IP adressen din. Håper for din del at du har gjemt deg bak proxy eller onion protocol! Dette er min minst populære blogg, og har ikke hatt en eneste sidevisning på flere år, og WordPress logger IP adresser på alt av besøkende!

Sometimes the world is simply too funny to avoid laughing …


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