Venice, drowning in water and tourists

Me and me girl on the Marcus Square in Venice

I’ve been in most cool cities in Europe. Here’s a photo of me and my girl from Venice at the Marcus square. Venice is incredibly beautiful, with architecture easily ranging amongst some of the most beautiful cities this world has ever seen. However, Venice has two problems. It is drowning in both water and tourists.

When we went there, we were awed by its architecture, streets, canals and such. But my God what a tourist trap it is. Everybody who works there, somehow makes their living from tourism, which shows. There are hundreds of really nice cities in Europe, where you can easily talk to people, and become really good acquainted with the locals. Venice is not on this list.

In Venice, every time you go to a coffee shop or a restaurant, the guy serving you, looks at you as if you’re some sort of disease, and treats you in a way, that makes you clearly understand, that regardless of what prices he charges you, or lack of service he shows you – There’s still going to be a billion tourists behind you in line, begging for him to take their money.

Don’t get me wrong, Venice was definitely worth visiting, but it has absolutely no soul at all!

Venice in Italy

More Venice



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