Could we upload our minds to a computer?

Why would anyone even want to ask such a question you might ask? Well, the reasons are pretty obvious for everyone with more than averagely equipped computer knowledge; This idea is at the core belief of the fastest growing religious movement on the planet today – AKA; The Technology Singularity!

Ray Kurzweil got a job at Google some years ago. Ray happens to be the best known evangeliser of this belief. According to himself, he believes he can bring back his father to life, and live forever himself, inside a gigantic computer, simulating his entire brain. This belief has often been referred to as “religion for atheists”.

This belief is based upon a false assumption. The assumption of that if you can simulate the brain, and all of its physical wiring – You can also simulate consciousness. In one of my previous blog, I largely proved how the brain was a quantum machine, and how your ideas and memes (meaning your “soul”), is simply nothing but the product of something projected into your mind, from the outside environment. Hence, “your mind” is not “yours”, and only exists as a mere “probability wave”, the same way an electron exists throughout the entire universe as a mere potential, until its location is observed. At which point it “pops into” existence, at a specific location in time and space. Meaning your consciousness or your “soul”, is a wave, not obeying by the Einsteinian laws of physics, but rather the laws of quantum mechanics.

Hence, to simulate our consciousness, or our souls, also requires simulating our entire environment. Which is impossible, without creating an exact replica of it in its entirety. Niels Bohr was proven in regards to his statement of how “God plays with dice” in the 1970s, and since computers cannot by the very definition of the term, contain true randomness, like our universe can – The mere idea that we can simulate our entire environment, in any other ways than observing it, and replicating it in its entirety – Is simply a ridiculous idea! And whenever any single part of this replica changes, your entire consciousness changes, and is replaced by another consciousness, or “probability wave”, AKA; Meme.

Since we cannot know both the position and the speed of as much as a single elementary particle, which Heisenberg proved in the early 20th century – Believing in that we could somehow accomplish knowing the exact location and speed of every single elementary particle in our universe, and simulate it in its entirety, inside a computer- Is simply ridiculous! In fact, the statistical probability of a teapot orbiting the planet Mars, is several googol orders of magnitudes times larger, than that we could somehow, someday, simulate our entire universe, from within our own universe. To illustrate the dilemma in a more common sense type of question.

Could God create a house, with himself inside one of the rooms in this house?

At best, what we’d accomplish, would be the equivalent of creating a “projection” of ourselves, inside one of these computers. Which would be equally much of an “afterlife”, as a drawing of you made by an artist has after you die!

Therefor, the very idea of being able to create true consciousness within a machine, based upon absolute certainty at its core, is simply ridiculous! Not only that, but if we somehow could do this, the only thing we’d accomplish, is to repeatedly live the same lives, over and over again, in a never ending infinite loop. The reasons for this are, because in order to re-create our consciousness, we’d have to replicate the environment that created it in the first place, with every single parameter having the exact same value, as it had during your initial life! Ask yourself the following question.

Would you really want to live your life an infinite amount of times? Without being able to apply as much as a single change, for any of the iterations?

In fact, if you answer yes to the above question, that would probably be the very definition of saying yes to voluntarily entering “hell”.

Normally I don’t care too much about other people’s beliefs. However, I will make an exception to this belief. Simply because the belief in the Singularity, as believed in by most system developers in Silicon Valley today, has too many similarities with Jim Jones and Jonestown. Hence, I feel a moral obligation towards warning the ones who believe in this.

There does exist true afterlife. In my quantum mechanic blog, I largely also give away its secret. Which is that if you can create an original idea, and have others believing in it, then your “soul” (or consciousness to be accurate), will live on after you have died. However, if you become Kurzweil’s “parrot”, which everyone evangelising the idea of the singularity basically is – Then the only thing you accomplish, is throwing your soul away, to grow Kurzweil’s “soul”. Hence, the existence of Kurzweil’s soul post mortem, is cannibalising the existence of your “soul” after you die. You end up as an echo of his belief, sustaining his afterlife, by throwing away yours.

Just like with Jonestown, this has few consequences for the rest of the world. After all, almost everybody who died in Jonestown, were believers in Jim Jones. And they voluntarily entered his hell, by literally drinking the “kool-aid”. If you wish to drink Kurzweil’s “kool-aid”, I am perfectly fine with that. After all, you are born with free will and such. However, I could not live with myself, unless I at least to some extent, consciously tried to warn you about what you are doing, before you do it. Now that you know, let me ask you one question …

Do you want to have a sip of my kool-aid …?

The reason why I ask that question, is because all paths to an actual realistic afterlife, is based upon the realisation of that you will die once. If you dont believe me, go ask the Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Muhammed – Or Bruce Lee for that matter. With that in mind, let me ask you once more.

Do you want a sip of my kool-aid?


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