Who is this I?

Ask yourself what do others think of you? Maybe they’ll say thing such as “He is such an ‘xxx'”. Exchange ‘xxx’ with any positive or negative human trait here. Then ask yourself if the assumptions others have about your values, and what you do are correct?

The only logical conclusion after seriously having done the above exercise, is that the thing others refer to as “you”, or that thing which in first person becomes the “I” parts for you, doesn’t even exist. It’s a fictional character, based upon other people’s belief system, about how you will react to a certain thing.

Celebrities experience this all the time, in that they’re recognised on the streets, by people whom feel they have some sort of close relationship to the celebrity. Eddie Murphy once told a joke about this, in his standup show called Raw, where he had this guy approach him on the street shouting “Mr. Fuck You Man. Eddie! We love you.” Needless to say probably, but Eddie wasn’t particularly found of that guy … 😉

Facts are, the “I” parts of your life, is only sustained by your fears to not live up to the expectations others have created for you, based upon what they believe that you are. These expectations are seldom if ever correct. Your “I” doesn’t exist, unless you choose to feed from it yourselves …

Hence, I do not exist, therefor I am …


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