Does humor belong in software development?

Frank Zappa once asked this question in regards to music. Arguably, I have indirectly asked the same question in regards to software development.

The art of creating software, is a serious business. Often billions of dollars are at risk, and sometimes even our lives – Such as is the case with software that for some reasons influence our very lives. In such a regard, throwing humor into software development, might seem like blasphemy to some. But then comes the muffin man … šŸ˜‰

Him who take serious things exclusively seriously, and funny things exclusively as fun things – Shall understand neither funny things nor serious things.

Humor bridges our hemispheres, meaning the right and left parts of your brain. Unless you have both parts of your brain present during development of software, performing optimally becomes impossible.

This doesn’t mean we should laugh if our software creates dangerous side-effects, and literally kills people. However, it does imply that killing people as a negative side-effect of creating software, becomes less likely, if you had some laughter while developing it.

The above assumption, is such an obvious fact, that even attempting to discuss it, is probably meaningless. Brain scientists have long since proved that humor in our daily lives, makes us perform better, and end up with better results.

Hence yes, humor does belong in software development. It is in fact a prerequisite for creating unimaginably beautiful software!

Or with other words; All lambda objects are created as equals, to be more specific, asĀ 42s!


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