I am larger than life

PS, you might want to check out what my t-shirt says … 😉

In Norway we have this thing called “The law of Jante”, or “Janteloven” if you wish to Google it. It’s a sarcastic attempt at trying to explain a very negative thing about the Norwegian culture, where you’re not supposed to think you’re anything special, have any skills, etc.

I despise that thing, with every single piece of my heart. Hence, every now and then, I just have this compulsory need to create a blog post, explaining to the the rest of Norway that I have nothing but contempt for this “law of Jante”.

The “law of Jante” is actually a 150 years old poetic attempt at trying to explain Norwegian culture, and how the rest of society will bite off your head, if you put it above the lawn. Kind of like the way the lawn mover will chop it off, if you stick your head above the grass in Canada … 😉

Just to mess with Norwegians in regards to this, I every now and then have to tell them some of the shit I’ve done, to make sure they understand it’s easily possible to be larger than life, even though you’re a Norwegian. Hence, today it’s time for “interesting facts about Thomas Hansen”.

I’ve slept on Venice Beach, partied in the drum circle, for two months consecutively, chasing the Sun into the Sea. What have you done lately …? 😉

Have a shitty ride Mr. Jante …

Ohh yeah, and I have driven a Harley Davidson a thousand miles through Los Angeles … 😀


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