Infragistics Ignite UI Ajax Tree control performance versus P5

In the video below, I am measuring the performance of the Infragistics Ignite UI Ajax Tree control, and comparing it towards the Ajax TreeView from System42 and Phosphorus Five. Spoiler alert; Infragistics TreeView is 220 times the size on bandwidth consumption compared to P5’s Ajax TreeView.

The above difference in performance, translates into that if you’re on a very slow internet connection, where downloading P5’s Ajax TreeView would take you 1 second – It would take 3 minutes and 40 seconds to download the JavaScript for the Infragistics TreeView. That is almost like the difference between a Redwood tree and a Bonsai tree for the record! When it comes to Ajax, size is everything! And the smaller size, the more happy your customers are.

My results are easily reproduced, for anyone who wants to check out the facts for themselves. I know these kind of numbers sounds to incredible to be true, but sometimes the truth actually is just that! But instead of me trying to convince you, simply watch the video for yourselves, and check out my claims with your own eyes if you like to.

For the record, the numbers are similar, regardless of which Ajax TreeView you compare the P5 Ajax TreeView towards. I will come back with performance comparison with other frameworks out there, such as Sencha, Telerik, jQuery, etc. But for now, just watch the video above, and enjoy.


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