Zen and the art of nothing

Zen is sometimes referred to as the religion without religious ideas. Some would argue it’s more like psychotherapy, and is simply a bunch of mental exercises. I am a student of Zen, voluntarily on my own, and I practice meditation every day.

Another eastern religion which I have immense respect for is referred to as Taoisme, which is based upon many of the same ideas. Both holds at the center of their gravity, the “nothingness” or “the void”. They are both based upon the idea that in order to create balance, void must exist at the center. This is why Zen and Taoism is filled with ideas such as “empty your mind”, and “become nothing”.

These ideas allows you to travel light, having no minds, no worries, and no temptations. In a way, arguably, Steve Jobs was a practitioner of Zen. According to legend, Bill Gates once visited Steve back in the 80s. At which point he marvelled at this huge house Steve was living in. When he entered the house, he found almost no furniture in it. The ideas of Zen, in Apple’s products, is clearly visible for anyone who have used them, and knows anything about Zen.

The circle in the above picture, symbolises the goal of Zen, which is to “become nothing”. Be the void, that is the center of the gravity, for everything around it. Zen is simply amazing!

Phosphorus Five is built around the ideas of Zen.


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