Become 100 times more productive, and create 100 times better quality, for 1/20th of the price

The above claim might sound like a fairytale, and as if somebody overdosed on their “marketing mumbo jumbo gibberish medicine”. However, I can prove these claims. I have in fact already done so, by profiling Phosphorus Five towards some of the most popular alternatives out there – And the numbers seems to often be at least 100x on most of the parameters. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But in general, 100x seems to be the average.

To put this into perspective, let’s create an analogy.

Imagine a car doing a 100 miles per hour and 30 miles per gallon, costing you $100.000, requiring service once every year. Then imagine a car doing 10000 miles per hour, driving 3000 miles per gallon, costing you $5.000, never crashes, and not requiring service before you’re 278 years old. Which car would you choose?

Literally, the above analogy is the difference. Don’t believe me, check out the data for yourselves.

It really doesn’t matter who you compare P5 towards. If you feel that your favourite framework is missing in the above comparison, or that I have done something wrong when doing these comparisons. Then please feel free to provide a comment, and give me feedback.


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