Changing from jQuery to P5 saves you 92% of your costs when developing software

Who do you think was the most lucky here? Small or big …?

According to many scientific studies about software productivity, the cost of developing software is directly proportional to the number of lines of code in your software projects. In addition, the less lines of code you have, the fewer bugs you will have. Both of these statements have been proven many times, in several scientific studies about this subject.

This means that if you could somehow create your software projects, with less code – You would not only save money initially, but also have fewer bugs when maintaining your software.

In the video below, I am demonstrating an example of how you could reduce the lines of code from 39 LOC in jQuery to 3 LOC in Phosphorus Five. This translates into saving 92% of your initial development costs, in addition to also 92% of your maintenance costs, due to reducing the number of bugs in your software.

“Many studies do show a rough correlation between LOC and the overall cost and length of development, and between LOC and number of defects.”


Below I walk you through the numbers and science behind this, proving how you’d spend 13 times as much resources using jQuery, as you’d need if you were using Phosphorus Five.


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