Most other Ajax vendors are ~20 times as expensive as Phosphorus Five

Would you buy this thing if I told you it was less expensive than a Volkswagen?

I license for Phosphorus Five will cost you exactly €57. In comparison, most other commercial Ajax library vendors, will charge you somewhere between $1000 and $2000 for arguably the same set of tools.

This means that you will save ~95% on average, if you choose Phosphorus Five instead of literally “anything else out there”. Below I have created a price list of all the different Ajax library vendors, and what they will charge you for their toolbox.

  • Infragistics for ASP.NET 2016 Vol. 2 w/priority support $1399
  • Telerik’s UI for ASP.NET AJAX $999
  • ComponentOne Ultimate developer license $1995

Some would argue that it’s like comparing apples and tomatoes, since some of the above toolkit vendors will throw in stuff such as iOS and Silverlight controls. However, it goes both ways, since Phosphorus Five for instance includes the ability to send PGP encrypted emails, in addition to tons of other goodies.

I want to emphasise that the entirety in the GaiaSoul suite will cost you €57, at which point you have a single developer license, legally allowing you to do whatever you wish with. This license even includes the ability to fork my GMail clone, improve it, close source your results, and sell licenses out of it if you wish.

This means, that all other things set aside, such as the fact that you will be 13 times as productive, and create up to 220 times more responsive apps, etc – You even pay on average less than 1/20th of the price for a commercial developer license, as you will be paying if you purchase one of the competitors’ products.

If you could buy a new Ferrari for €57, or an old Volkswagen for $1000 – Which would you choose …?


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