The incredible scientific facts about Phosphorus Five

If I told you I could make you 13 times as productive, and that you’d achieve 220 times better results – Would you believe me? How about if I showed you the scientific data behind my statements, and how my numbers was reproducible, and easily verified. Would you take the time to test my claims?

The reason why I am asking, is because the above numbers are in fact the numbers behind the Ajax library of Phosphorus Five. I realise you probably don’t believe me, so I have therefor made it possible for you to verify my numbers for yourselves, in less than 5 minutes. That way you have the opportunity to prove me wrong, and show the world that I am a fruitcake if you wish.

Notice, the data is built upon some of the existing best practices tools within our industry; jQuery and Infragistics. If you go to and search for jQuery, you will find that it returns 851376 results (20th of June 2017)

If you visit the Infragistics website, you will find that their tools are used by some of the largest companies in the world, such as Dell and MacDonalds.

Would you want to create 220 times better web apps than MacDonalds and Dell, for a 13th of the cost? What do you think that would do for you and your business?


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