MIME and PGP cryptography in Phosphorus Five

In the video below, I am demonstrating some of the MIME features in Phosphorus Five. To be specific, I am creating MIME messages, both leaf entities and multipart entities – For then to encrypt these using PGP cryptography. If you’re interested in seeing the complete documentation for the MIME and PGP cryptographic features of P5, you can check out the documentation here.

A word about performance; p5.mime, the plugin that encapsulates the MIME and PGP features of P5, is built upon MimeKit. Jeffrey Steadfast, the guy behind MimeKit has created a performance benchmark, where he compares MimeKit to the other libraries out there. Spoiler alert; It’s a slaughter!

This basically implies, that the MIME capabilities of P5, which is built upon MimeKit, happens to be kick ass blistering fast! This is of extreme importance when you create complex messages, on a server, such as you’re probably doing when you’re using P5.

Notice, this is the first video and blog about the MIME, PGP and email features of Phosphorus Five. There will be more videos, and blogs about this subject.

Anyways, watch the viddi, and have fun 🙂


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