Breaking news; Software developer spends 6 months at the beach in Cyprus

Would you want to be here, or in your office at night?

“In Cyprus, there’s a software developer who have spent the last 6 months almost exclusively living on the beaches of Cyprus, making money while swimming!”

Imagine if I could give you the tools necessary to accomplish the above. Would you dig it? Would that be groovy? What music would you be listening to on your iPhone, as you sip through your Frappe, from the beach? Who would you party with during the night? Which pubs would you go to?

I happen to have a toolkit, which I have proven will make you at least 10x as productive after a couple of weeks of learning it. This implies that if you spend 1 hour every day working with my toolkit, you will be equally efficient as 10 hours of work every day!

I will sell you this toolkit for the price of €57. This implies that you for the cost of a couple of dinners, a movie ticket, and some few beers – Could literally have the life I describe above!

Discussing Agile software methodologies with one of my employees! 😀


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