Breaking news; Software developer travels Europe on Harley Davidson

Yours truly took this photo in Greece, during one of my travels

Imagine if you could bring your laptop, start your Harley Davidson, and travel all across Europe. Making your living by spending 1 hour every afternoon, working from some hotel bed in Greece, or from beneath the stars in Italy? Still earning more money than working 70 hours a week from some cheesy office building? Would that be nice? Would you want to do it?

It’s actually quite easy in fact. All you have to do, is to make sure you’re 10 times more productive than you used to be. If you can somehow improve your productivity by 10x, you can actually do this. At this point the observant reader might complain, and say.

How on Earth do you expect me to become 10x more productive?

Well actually, pay €57 for a commercial license of Phosphorus Five, spend a couple of weeks learning P5, then go buy a Harley! It’s really that simple, and I have scientifically proven it, in a reproducible environment, that allows you to check up my claims!

The photo for this article is of the Corinth canal. It was built 2.000 years ago, and it made a journey that would normally require several days, if not weeks, be easily able to do in a couple of hours. It’s not really rocket science. Simply make sure you take the shortest path from a to b, and you can easily work 10x as fast!


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