Buy a better life for €57

Having a Coconut on the local restaurant in Brazil

If you’re a software developer, chances are you’re having a shitty life. Working 70 hours every week, trying to meet unrealistic expectations, from customers you probably deep down inside hate. I can solve your suffering, by making you equally productive as you are today, without having to work more than 1 hour every day!

It’s really quite simple to understand in fact too. I can basically make you apprx. 10-100 times more productive than what you are today. And I can prove it with math and science!

A commercial license to Phosphorus Five will cost you €57. Such a license, will allow you to develop proprietary and close source software with P5, at least 10x as fast, and at least 100x the quality, of what you are able to do today with your existing tools!

Don’t believe me, keep on reading my blog, and see with your own eyes, how I have spent most of my life for the last 5 years, travelling the world, working as little as possible, still outperforming all software developers on the planet, in regards to all performance criteria possible to measure with science!

Then check out my photos for yourselves … 😀

Just another normal day at the office!

I used to attend private parties here dude!! 😉

With our camping car in North Norway

The view from “Bodil” our first night in Lofoten. This photo was taken 1AM in the morning!

Yours truly making dinner for his beautiful girl somewhere in Croatia I think …?

My friends from Venice Beach!

My office in Berlin

My office in France

My office in Cyprus

The view from my office in Italy

The entrance to my office in Brazil

Celebrating my birthday at my office in Cyprus

Veni, vedi, vici!


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