Why is software development hard?

Wouldn’t you rather want to be here, than in your office?

When Henry Ford invented the assembly line, he reduced the cost of creating cars by one order of magnitude, within some few years. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, he reduced the price of copying a Bible from a small fortune, to the point where you literally get them tossed after you by missionaries today. Obviously the software industry is not “entirely there”.

According to studies in the subject, 25% of all software projects completely fail, while 50% of them are “challenged”. Hence purely logically, we’re at the point where we’re “trying to build cars, with nothing but a hammer and a chisel”, right? Software developers work 80 hours a week often, trying to meet unrealistic expectations, effectively “outsourcing” their lives in the process. Obviously there must exist some tool for us as software developers, that gives us the same effect as the assembly line, or the printing press, right …?

I have invented such a tool in fact. It’s called Phosphorus Five, and allows you to become at least 10x as productive, and sometimes produce up to 220 times better results.

Don’t believe me, then check it out for yourselves!

When you’ve found my claims to be true, feel free to join me at the beach … 😉


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