HOWTO hire a million system developers

Developers are amazing. Most of them have this urge to share whatever they create with the rest of the world. Basically, to accomplish having a million developers working for you hence, is just to facilitate for an environment where sharing is so dead freakin’ simple, that it can be done, by simply clicking a button.

Phosphorus Five is that environment. If you don’t believe me, feel free to check out my previous blog. Pay especially attention to how I am able to create a reusable component out of a specialised solution, in no more than 5 seconds. This reusable component again, could easily be uploaded to some common “code sharing website”, which would allow its users to rapidly search for pre-fabricated components, solving their problems, whatever they are.

Basically, the end result being, that once Phosphorus Five acquires “tipping point”, one inevitable results will be, that you have millions of developers, sharing their components – Either for a small fee, or gratis, depending upon their own motives for sharing. Ending up with that you, have a million system developers, which you can use, to help you create your solution.

Then some words from our sponsors 😀

You just have to love this fella … 😉

For the record, I once saw Steve Ballmer speaking in Oslo about 15 years ago. And it was just freakin’ amazing. Now imagine having a 100x as many developers working for you, as Microsoft, and Silicon Valley have combined. What would this do to you …?


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