One web server for every home

Imagine having a affordable personal home web server, in your home, for half the price of an iPhone. Then imagine being able to create your own apps on this little gadget, that allows you to store your data privately within the comfort of your home, in addition to letting you access your apps from any device, from where ever you are in this world. Would that be of interest?

The reason why I am asking, is because this is actually my vision. My vision is to allow anyone to create any apps they want to, easily, without having to teach themselves difficult programming languages, and use these apps in such a way that they control and own the data themselves.

Everybody needs their own apps

Think about it for a moment. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do. Everybody needs a custom app, for some reasons. If you’re an ornithologist, you need to gather data about birds. To create an app that does such a thing, is actually quite easy. If you’re obsessed with music from the 80s, and are collecting vinyl albums, you’ll want to show off your record collection. Well, there’s not an app for that today. But creating one, is as simple as declaring a CRUD database table, and creating a GUI to create, read, update and delete records from the database.

The tail end of app development will never be solved by Silicon Valley. The reason is that there’s no money in solving it. When was the last time you saw a Silicon Valley company creating a product with a potential of maximum 1000 customers world wide?

By making it possible to create generic solutions, customisable by the end user, solving the tail end of software development is actually quite easy. And by creating it as a web app, and installing it on your own home server, it will feel almost exactly like any native app you can purchase through the app store. In addition to that it will work on all your devices, and not only your iPhone.

What software would you create if I told you that you could create your own app, and that it would take you no more than a couple of days, regardless of your existing knowledge and expertise?


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