Could software development be fun?

Software developers are very often very serious guys. No wonder, since they’re often juggling millions of dollars, and the consequences of a bug, might literally be that rockets explodes. Such as was the case when Ariane 5 exploded, due to apparently a division by zero in the software.

Such accidents as the above, doesn’t make us less relaxed either to say the least. However, software development could still be fun, without jeopardising security and quality. In fact, my theory is that the more fun it is, the less likely an accident will become.

When I created Phosphorus Five, it was created as the tool I needed myself, in order to put the fun back into software development. When you start out really mastering it, this trait becomes apparent, since it feels like you’re in fact assembling LEGO bricks, and not software components. This trait of P5, makes it less likely that you create disastrous side-effects for several reasons. First of all, most of the stuff you create, will either be stuff you reuse, by creating a component yourself. This allows you to spend more time, on individual pieces of your systems. Secondly, a market place of pre-fabricated components, inevitably will become the result, as P5 gains tipping point. This implies more reuse, and less “not invented here syndrom” – And ends up making you more productive, spending more time on the fun parts, and less time on the nitty gritty details.

So yes, software development can be fun. In my next blog, I will demonstrate this fact, by showing how creating apps with P5, really resembles the act of assembling LEGO bricks. And the fact that it’s fun, becomes your guarantee of delivering better quality, for less effort, resulting in a better life/work balance – Inevitably resulting in less stress, creating a positive upwards spiral, making everyone happy!

In case you want to start having fun while developing, I have attached a 4 minutes long video explaining how to initiate your experience 😀


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