Aphrodite’s KISS

A kiss can be beautiful, but it can also be practical. KISS happens to be an acronym too, and it implies “Keep It Simple and Stupid”. I have just released a new version of Phosphorus Five and Micro. Making both P5 and Micro easier to use have been my main priority, and will be also during the rest of the Aphrodite series.

The most important new feature is P5 is (finally) JSON support. Yup, you can now serialise and de-serialise JSON at your heart’s lust! This makes it really easy to both consume and create web services, using JSON as the format – Which of course makes it easier to integrate P5 with other types of client-side widgets, and/or web services using JSON for transporting data back and forth. I will be demonstrating this in later blogs.

In Micro, there are two really cool features – [micro.widgets.wizard-form] and [micro.form.serialize]. The former is an extension widget, allowing you to easily declare rich “forms”, collecting data with a few lines of code. The latter is a short-hand Active Event for serialising all form elements from some specific widget recursively, allowing to collect all data on a form, from some given starting point. Both of which, of course are two beautiful KISS’es, from the Goddess of Love ❤

Hope you enjoy using this release, as much as I have enjoyed creating it!


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