Give me a million laptops and 6 months, and I’ll smoke every single super computer on the planet!

Computing power is all about distribution, scalability outwards, and massively heterogenous systems, able to part-take in the solving of a single task, with multiple variables. I don’t care how many teraflops your super computer has, simply because it’s just that; a super computer”. Even the Hulk has to kneel in front of million of midgets!

Phosphorus Five is that system! Massively scalable, super distributive in nature, facilitating for heterogenous tasks, from trillions of participants if necessary!

Give me a million laptops, 6 months of development, and I’ll make every single super computer on the planet kneel in front of me, begging for mercy!

Want to pick up my bet?

I have already challenged IBM Watson on Twitter!


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