You have the right to remain silent! – About Privacy

Many “normal” people tend to become a little bit paranoid when you start informing them about their right to have privacy. Their arguments often ends up with something like the following; “I don’t have anything to hide, so I don’t need privacy” – Almost as if they’re afraid of having their government look at them, suspecting them for criminal activities.

I once visited a local computer store where I used to live in Norway and asked its owner if he could build me a web server. The guy looked at me as if I was some sort of drug smugler or pedophile. Simply asking him this question, made him uncomfortable working with me, as if he believed he was helping a criminal to hide. He was using arguments such as “Why would you need a web server, can’t you use Google or DropBox?” – As if me wanting to have my own personal web server, was a proof of me trying to hide some type of criminal activity!

Privacy is not only about hiding from governments, it’s also there to make sure Al Qaeda and ISIS doesn’t read your email. Privacy was also invented to avoid having Vladimir Putin and FSB spy on the British Prime Minster. And finally, privacy was also granted us as a right, to avoid having pedophiles steal pictures of your children. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go shopping naked …?

The right to privacy, is a fundamental right for all Europeans, declared in the European Human Rights declaration, in addition to the American constitution. And the fact that you choose to exercise your right to privacy, is in no ways proof of that you’re a criminal, pedophile, or terrorist. Enjoying your privacy is like enjoying your clothes. Wearing clothes doesn’t mean you’re a pervert, or that you’re wearing a strapped on bomb. It simply means that you don’t want everyone to see everything, period.

Sorry dude, but I want a personal web server, where I can take care of my own privacy. This simple fact, tells you no more about me, than you’d know about me if I told you “I like clothes.” If you don’t believe me, go ask Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton. Both of these women are pretty obsessed about their own privacy, for obvious reasons – And the last time I checked our databases, neither of them were members of Al Qaeda … 😉


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