Do you want to buy a secret?

I promise, I won’t misuse it!

Cloud computing have been “the buzzword” in our industry for quite some time now. Contrary to most other cloud software companies, we believe that you should own your own data. This is fundamentally incompatible with outsourcing your server services, since renting servers from others, implies having your data in other peoples’ hardware.

Data has a couple of unique traits. For instance, if I steal your data, you don’t loose your data. This means that it is literally impossible for anyone to even notice if somebody have stolen their data. If I steal your car, you’ll notice. If I steal your data, you might never know. This simple trait of data, makes it very tempting for the ones who are hosting your data to misuse it, in ways you didn’t anticipate when you rented their services.

The only fix for this, is to eliminate the cloud vendor completely out of the picture, by avoiding the temptation to steal other people’s data, by making it impossible to steal the data. The only way to technically accomplish this, is by instead of delivering “cloud services”, delivering the tools necessary to allow others to setup their own cloud services. Phosphorus Five is that tool. To simplify the choice for you here, let me ask you three simple questions.

How much is your data worth? If your data possess value for you, would it possess value for your competitors? Do you think your “cloud service provider” could be tempted to sell your data to your competitor, if the price was right?

The truth!

Unless your data is worthless, you’d want to keep your data at the only place where it can truly be kept safe; In your own server, securely locked away from theft. We help companies to setup secure server vaults, helping them keep their data safe from theft. Ask yourself the following question.

What would you be willing to pay to get to know every single minute little detail about your competitors? Do you think your competitor would want to pay to get to know the same things about you?

Facts are, that “cheap cloud vendor”, that is willing to host your data for pennies – Might prove more expensive than you initially believed. And you’d never even know what struck you. We can fix that for you. It is what we make our living out of. The CEO of Intel once famously said; “Only the paranoid will survive”. Are you a surviver?

Feel free to contact us to hear more about our proposal.


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