The Universe is constructed to keep secrets

The above words aren’t mine, they’re actually Edward Snowden’s. For some reasons, the Universe seems to be created in such a way, that it is geared towards secrecy. Meaning, people who want to keep secrets, and communicate securely, without any adversaries discovering what they’re communicating about – Seems to have this capacity woven into the very fabric of time and space.

When one cryptography algorithm stops working for some reasons, another seems to simply take its place, until we reach the point where everything seems to become “babble” for most people. However, what’s babble for one person, is legitimate information for another. What I mean by that, is that unless people can communicate in privacy, the public space will be littered with “code words”, through the laws of emotional cryptography, making no sense for anyone, except the recipients and its sender.

This creates a dangerous situation, where if our governments attempts to break all possible secure communication forms, all information breaks down, and turns into “code speak”. Resulting in that all the surface information in the public available space, turns into rubbish. Don’t believe me? Ask Donald Trump what covfefe means … 😉

Two people, who are are closely emotionally attached, could if they wanted to, plan out whatever crime they wanted to plan out, publicly on their local police office’s Facebook profile – And none would understand what they were talking about, before it was too late to stop it from happening.

Hence, to increase the quality of our information, it is sometimes better to allow for secrecy to some extent, and allow people to communicate securely. Because communicate in secrecy they will anyways, and none will understand what they’re communicating about, regardless of how much “surveillance” we put in place.

So by increasing the amount of cryptography on the public internet, we increase the quality and sincereness of people’s communication, and reduce the amount of apparent garbage on the surface web, allowing the surface web to be beautifully open, with information intended to enter the public space – Instead of what it is today.

A garbage can of emotionally encrypted information, apparently junk for most people, but actually meaningful for some very few.

These were the wisdoms the story of Odin were attempting to tell us. By sacrificing one of his eyes, consciously closing his eyes on some of the things he could have seen if he wanted – He lost nothing! But everybody else gained a lot! Hence, commoditising cryptography, paradoxically increases the openness and availability of publicly available information.

Cryptography is the art of improving the quality of the surface web, by consciously allowing people to communicate secrets in the dark, not polluting the surface web, with the garbage from the bottomless pits of the dark web.

Therefor I have no remorse or guilt for completely commoditising cryptography. Simply put, because people would have been able to communicate in secrecy regardless of what countermeasures our governments put in place. But by commoditising cryptography, allowing consciously people to communicate in the dark – We increase the quality of the content on the surface web!

BTW Donald Trump. Yup, totally agree! LA8PV, brown cheese! ASAP! Here’s another message for you dude!


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