The first law of privacy

A really weird experiment is unfolding unto the world today. Nobody asked for it, and nobody wanted to conduct it – Still, we are now starting to see its results, and a scientific theory of privacy can be formulated.

You will never have more privacy yourself than that which you are willing to give to everybody else

For anyone who’s got some basic knowledge about physics, it’s pretty obvious that it’s simply a rewritten sentence explaining Newton’s laws of energy; “That which you apply energy unto, applies the same amount of energy back unto you.” The same is obviously true for information.

How do we know?

Well, look around yourselves. Post 9/11, the CIA and the NSA initiated mass surveillance projects of epic proportions. They were basically trying to vacuum clean the entire world, for absolutely everything they could possibly know, about everyone in the world. Some few years afterwards, the CIA and the NSA became themselves, the most transparent organisations on the planet, even though they’ve tried their very best, to hide all of their operations, for as long as they’ve existed. 20 years ago, nobody knew what NSA even meant. Today, I probably know more about the NSA, together with billions of other humans on the planet – Than the director of the NSA knows about his own organisation himself.

Today, an average Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks supporter, knows more about the CIA and the NSA, than all the employees in these organisations knows about their own organisations, combined! The reasons are simple; A CIA and/or NSA operative aren’t legally allowed to read information coming from neither WikiLeaks nor Edward Snowden, simply because of the way the human mind works in regards to propaganda, and becomes easily influenced by other people’s ideas. If CIA and NSA operatives were studying WikiLeaks and Snowden, more leaks would inevitably happen.

So the end result, is that even though the CIA and the NSA tried to get to know everything, about every single human being on the planet – The result was that they got to know nothing, while everybody else got to know all of their secrets.

Anyone willing to visit WikiLeaks’ website, can today, see the entire organisational chart of the CIA, full names and addresses of most of their operatives, with pictures, etc, etc, etc. They’ll probably never publicly admit this, but facts are, and everybody knows this to be a fact.

You can never have more privacy than that which you are willing to give others

And the above law, seems to be woven into the very fabric of our Universe, as a natural force of nature, governing the way we should deal with information in the future, in order to create a stable world, where all of our dirty little secrets, can get to stay just like that; Ours!

So if you’re a government official, and unless you enjoy having your dirty laundry taken out into the public space, I encourage you to stop snooping on your people, and respect your people’s right to privacy. The end results if you do, will be that WikiLeaks simply “vanish”, as drops of water evaporates into thin air.

PGP cryptography is a perfect example of this. You can not communicate encrypted to somebody, unless you respect that person’s right to communicate encrypted with everybody else. This is the way PGP simply works, due to its public key cryptography implementation. Hence, unless our governments allows us to communicate cryptographically secured with our friends, they can never expect to be able to communicate cryptographically secured with their colleagues. It’s simply the way PGP cryptography, and its “web of trust” works!

So unless you enjoy having your dirty little secrets taken out into the public space, I suggest you, if you’re a politician, start working on legislating our rights to communicate over the internet, cryptographically secured, without feeling that “big brother” is watching us. The only viable alternative, is having your browser’s entire porn history, shared between millions of your voters, publicly on Facebook and the blogosphere …

And to be honest with you, I don’t want that to happen, and I doubt you’d want for it to happen either. I am simply tired of “social pornography” about our government officials.


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